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casual sex dating onlineIf you’ve looked around, you’ll notice that most people on online dating sites are looking for long-term relationships, or at least something more than a few dates. But what if you don’t want something serious? That’s where casual dating or casual sex comes in. Casual sex sites dating sites are a great way to get that simple, short fling—without any commitments, no strings attached. Here are some other benefits you can get from casual sex web dating.

There’s no pressure.
People on casual sex sites are there just for the fun of it—they’re not expecting a second date or even a next-day call back. This takes the pressure off both partners, since they don’t have to keep the relationship up if they don’t feel like it. Of course, if you both want to, you can arrange a second meeting—but the point is that no one expects anything from the other.

You don’t have to impress.
Not too deeply, anyway. Since you’re just looking for casual sex, traits like humor, intelligence and wit aren’t very important (although they can help). Most of the attraction is physical, and it’s entirely up to you whether you want to take it further than that.

It’s safer.
Everyone’s heard stories of the girl walking off with a new guy and never being heard from again. Alternative online dating websites let you gauge the person’s credibility not just on first impressions, but on their personality. You can even talk a bit on the phone before deciding to meet up. Of course, it’s still not 100% safe, so it’s still important to completely trust the other party.

It’s more comfortable.
Most people on specialty internet dating sites wouldn’t even ask for casual sex in person. Being on a specialty dating site makes them more comfortable and open, so you can get straight to the point without fear of rejection or embarrassment. That way, when you do meet in person, there’s none of the initial awkwardness.


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