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If you’re still looking for that dream date after months of online dating, chances are you’ve been going to the wrong sites. There are lots of other dating sites besides the popular ones like Match and eHarmony, many of which cater to specific age groups, religions or races. The main advantage of these alternative internet dating sites is that they’re not too crowded, so you won’t get lost amidst thousands of other users. Here are a few more reasons to go off the beaten path and check out other web dating services.

Narrow your search
Even with a dating service, it can be hard to find people who have the same background or interests as you. Other specialty internet dating sites solve this problem by narrowing down your options, so you don’t have to pick one match out of a hundred. On a gay dating site, for example, you don’t have to scour hundreds of profiles to find someone who’s also looking for same-sex dating.

No discrimination
Many groups, particularly religious and ethnic ones, are widely discriminated against in online dating sites. That’s why these people often seek other online dating websites that cater to their specific group. Religion and race specific dating sites take away the fear of rejection, since everyone on the site is from the same background. True, not everyone who joins is actually from the same group, but most of them are at least interested enough to have signed up.

More diversity
In a sense, other specialty dating sites also improve your prospects by making your profile available to anyone from anywhere. That means you’re not just limited to people from your city or state, as you would be in a bar. You can meet people who share your interests from across the country or even across the world. This not only improves your chances of finding a date, but also helps you learn more about cultures other than your own.

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