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The Tantra Chair Routine

Read about this super sex toy which will set you apart because no other guy will have one in their bedroom.

I'm always on the lookout for interesting things for my apartment to set a mood and to turn my bachelor pad into a hot lovemaking pad.

You want to set up your bedroom so that it screams to be used, so as soon as the girl sets foot inside she'll naturally gravitate toward the bed because it's so inviting.

That's why I emphasize the need for sexually cuing your apartment - getting some sexy lighting, having big fluffy pillows on your bed, and a few candles to build a relaxing, sensual atmosphere. But I've always wanted something more - the ultimate inviting sexual cue - to entice girls to get their clothes off once they get back to my place.

Fortunately, I stumbled across a really cool site - The Tantra Chair.

Wow, The Tantra Chair looked sexy - and the pics on their site (which are way too racy to show here) got my imagination going of what I could do with it.

Not only could I use a Tantra Chair as a way of enhancing my sexual experiences, but I could use it as a tool in the seduction process - at least that was the idea in my mind.

I spoke with Al Vitaro, the CEO of Tantra Chair and had one ordered - a dark mahogany wood finish with a bright red Chinese dragon fabric.

A few weeks later it arrived and WOW - this thing looked even better in real life than in the pictures on their site!

It's a solid piece of furniture - well built and heavy. The materials are top-notch quality. But most of all, it looks glamorous. It's definitely the Mercedes or Lexus of lovemaking furniture.

Anyway, a few days later I have some friends over (3 girls and 2 guys) and they all immediately noticed the new addition to my place. They were all curious to know just exactly what it was.

I started explaining to them that it's for sex and I demoed the positions you can do with it. The three girls are laughing like crazy and I take my friend Susan and start demoing with her in simulated sex acts. It's funny, but it's also HOT and the sexual tension between me and Susan went through the ceiling.

The next night, a Wednesday night, I go out with this girl I had met the Saturday before. We meet at a Starbucks which is located just around the corner from me, and everything's going great. I work in a new routine however - the Tantra Chair Routine.

I start telling her about this new "chair" I got for Tantra. I describe how it's shaped and I start telling the story of how I demoed with my friend Susan all of the hot positions you can do.

It worked - I started to get her turned on with all the sex talk and the visuals I was putting into her head.

I dropped that topic and started telling her about something I wanted to show her back at my place - something so cool it would blow her mind.

So we headed off back to my place.

Almost immediately she spotted The Tantra Chair and went right on it (my bed - which I consider a pretty sexy bed - is right next to it which she completely ignored). "Wow, this is so nice," she said and sat right on it, touching the silky pads.

"Yeah this is how it works," I said and started showing her some positions. I sat down on it and put her on my lap and started dry humping her. She started laughing, because it was all playful and all in good fun.

Then I bent her over the one end and started simulating doggy-style with her with her ankles up in the air. She was laughing like crazy.

Of course it was making her extremely HOT too!

After 10 minutes of simulation I pulled her over powerfully into my arms and started making out with her - next my hands went down over her hips - well, read my stuff on how to get a girl undressed in my books!

Still, I've had enough sex with enough girls to have seen pretty much everything - but this was going to be NEW, something DIFFERENT - so I was excited.

This girl had a tight body and the simulated positions had gotten her sexual imaginative juices flowing because next thing I know this girl has turned into a porno queen. We tried all the standard positions and then another 20 not even depicted on the tantra chair web site. I also moved a cheval mirror in front so I could watch the action - and sorry, I'm not selling copies.

I can't go into lucid details here (this isn't a porno report!) but let me just say it was some smoking HOT sex. Never mind that you can use this thing for Tantra, trying out various physical positions made it all worthwhile.

Best of all it's PLAYFUL sex, FUN sex. This girl was squealing in glee as I spread her legs open in more positions (both sexy and silly) than you can imagine.

Of course, two days later she called me up again wanting another round of it.

If you want a playboy pimp bachelor pad, The Tantra Chair will be the crown jewel of your collection. It will set you apart because NO other guy will have this super sex toy in their bedroom and it establishes you as a sexually adventurous and "dangerous" man.

You can also use it as a sexual accelerator routine to be used in conjunction with touch escalation.

The only downside is that the chair will set you back a cool grand. You have to consider though that they're custom made to order and made of quality materials - so you are getting your dollars worth.

If you can't afford it, find a rich friend or relative and tell him/her how much it will improve THEIR sex life. Be the salesman and sell it on them. Then, once they get one, just ask to "borrow" it for a few weeks. Or, pitch in 25% with them and then keep it at your place for as long as you conveniently can.

There are some alternatives I've noticed - foam pads you can buy for like $100. But they're downright ugly and lack the elegance and the intrigue of the Tantra Chair.

If course, a Tantra Chair isn't going to make you into a good lover. It may provide some initial fun and flash, but if you don't know how to work that finger and tongue or how to touch a woman's body, she's going to get real bored with you real fast. That's why I recommend you get Blissnosis even before you get a Tantra Chair so that you have the moves and skills to back it up.

That's it for now - have fun!