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“I love you for your brain,” is probably a line that you’ve heard many times over. Well, like it or not, this statement makes perfect sense. No one’s going to look young and beautiful forever, so it would be best to find a mate that you can just sit and talk with for hours. Online dating can make this happen for you.

IntellectConnect.com understands this idea, that an awesome connection can really spark things up. If you’re the bookish type and you want to meet someone who shares the same interests with you, then head to IntellectConnect.com and test out your love IQ.

Talk about favorite films, paintings, museums, or whatever it is that tickles your brain. With IntellectConnect.com, you’re sure to find someone you’re on the same wavelength with, and of course, there will be a chance at making a love connection as well.

So don’t be swayed by the love and romance pitches of other dating portals. Date smart with IntellectConnect.com.