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Do you want to reunite with a long lost friend from middle school? Or do you want to meet prospects for a romantic relationship? Online dating can help you do just that. With Hi5.com, you can do both, and with the millions of members of this site, you’re sure to find old friends and great new potential partners.

So, who’s in? Hi5.com allows you to create a profile for free, and with this account, you’ll get the opportunity to find those friends you haven’t heard from in years. You can also share pictures and music with the community and you’ll also get the chance to add to your circle of friends. Hi5.com is very easy to use, and just about anyone can learn its mechanics immediately.

So whether you’re up for meeting friends, both old and new, or for creating serious love connections, then Hi5.com can sure help you out. So are you in? High five to you! Still can't find what you are looking for? Try searching our complete online dating directory.