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Great Expectations is a number one online dating site.
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When the words “Great Expectations” comes to mind, you’ll probably think of that Dickens novel, or that movie where Ethan Hawke and Gwyneth Paltrow starred in. Well, you’re right, of course, but you should know that Great Expectations is also an Internet dating website that been dedicated to bringing together singles for quite some time now. And the folks of Great Expectations are proud to say that they’ve been doing this successfully for years.


With Great Expectations, you’re sure to find someone who matches, well, your expectations! Once you’re ready to find a serious relationship, the team behind this online dating community can help you. The screening process is very, very meticulous, so you must be upfront with all your particulars. If you meet the qualifications, you’ll get the chance to browse profiles, meet people in person, and you can even get invited to private parties.

Great Expectations only want what’s best for you, and this site will sure live up to your own expectations.